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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Library

Today's trip to the library was more than a little disappointing. They had 1 shelf of books on crochet and 4 on knitting. That worked out to be about 25 crochet books and 100 knitting. The spinning section was even worse, they had 10 books for that and from the looks of those books they were pretty old.

I knit so the trip wasn't wasted but I would have preferred to walk out with more than 1 crochet book. Most of the people I know crochet, knitters are in the minority, why don't we have more books? I'm not talking about afghan books either! I see all these beautiful knitted clothes and REALLY wish that there were books like that in crochet. We have the talent!!! So where are the books?


  1. Wow...people really write books on crocheting and knitting? And people read these books?

    Maybe you need to start writing!


  2. They are mostly pattern books, and it's my long term goal :-)