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Friday, October 9, 2009

A New Start

I'm shutting down my Jeremiah 29:11 blog because of technical issues. It's easier to start over than to try to fix the problems with my old blog.

Hopefully my new addiction to Facebook won't interfere with keeping my blog up to date :-)

Most of you who are reading this already know what a crochet addict I am. I love to crochet while doing just about everything, although I have yet to try mowing the lawn while crocheting like Tammy does. I aspire to be like her :-) She can even crochet using her feet! How awesome is that?

I also knit and spin. My knitting and spinning haven't taken over my life as much as crochet though. I'm a slow knitter and really love the speed of crochet. Spinning is great too, but I get tired of fighting Lokie for my roving. He beats the daylights out of all of it! Every color I have attempted to spin has a nice black tint to it from him. Good thing he's my favorite :-)

I hope to share my life, patterns, projects and encouragement with anyone who cares to read about it :-)

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