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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When The Well Runs Dry

Sometimes it's hard to come up with fresh ideas. My favorite part of designing is research. I love to Google images and just look at pictures. It doesn't even have to be about fashion.  I really love nature shots. No one knows better than God on how to put colors together! I save the ones that really inspire me so I can refer back to them when I am stumped on a color scheme. 

Another favorite way to research is to go on Raverly or Crochetville and just look at all the finished items. Creativity feeds creativity!  I am truly inspired and incredibly humbled buy the amazing work I see! There are so many truly gifted fiber artist out there!

Other times the only way to get the creative river flowing is to actually sit down and swatch. Swatch just for the sake of swatching. I have learned so much that way. The way yarn works, what stitches play well together and it gives me more tools in my tool box for later use.

The very best way to overcome a slump is to just do something - anything! Don't wait for creativity to find you, it never will. It's a pearl waiting to be found!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

January is in full swing! Work for the new year is beginning to line-up and I've had a bit of down time to work on my self-published patterns.

My Pebble Creek Cowl  has been released.  This pattern is truly addictive! I've made 5 so far. I love the different looks in the different weight yarns. It makes a super snugly winter cowl with worsted weight yarn. Fingering weight yarn makes it a great accessory to a summer top! It's also a very quick project!