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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Finally Crochet Time!

I can't believe I haven't crocheted for a month! So many knitting opportunities opened up - I just had no time!

Today, I finished my last knitted design that needs to be shipped out ASAP and find I finally a some down time.  What am I going to work on? Something to wear to the Chain Link Conference in July! 

So far, I've managed to finish my design competition entry - now it's time to make things to wear. If I work on these things whenever I have a little down time I find I am all ready to go when the conference gets here.

I like to make mostly wearables - tops in particular. They are lots of fun to work on and I love being able to make something in my size (most designs have to be made in size small). Picking out colors that I love is pretty awesome too!

If you don't wait till the last minute getting ready for our next conference can be a lot of fun! 

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