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Sunday, February 3, 2013


I held out as long as possible...but eventually got sucked in.  I think it could turn out to be a huge design tool, provided I can keep from it from being a huge time waster.  I tend to lose track of time when looking at pretties.

My plan is to pin a few items every few days and then go back and review some of the things I've pinned. My favorites are the just plain colorful photos - I don't really care what the subject is as long as the colors are vibrant. Vibrancy really seems to be key to my own creativity.

I also really enjoy the ability to check out fashion trends. It's always fun to see how other people like to switch things up to put their own twist on the ordinary. Sometimes you wonder why you never thought of doing it that way. I love those moments. They stretch my thinking and do change the way I approach the way I view things.

All in all, I think Pinterest will turn out to be a good thing - just so long as I can keep my time on there under control!

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