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Friday, May 20, 2016

Thoughts On Copyrights

I admit I never intended to cover such a heavy topic on my blog, but after finding that my patterns have been ripped off, it's time to speak out. If you know a pattern or book is being sold and you find it for free as a download, please don't do it. It's stealing plain and simple. I have never authorized anyone to sell my indie patterns or share my book -- and yet it's being done.

If the stealing continues there will be no more books or magazines. Why bother when they are stolen and given away for free right after they go to press? It's a loss our industry can't sustain. That's why there are so few fiber related magazines now. It hurts them as much as it does the indie designer.

For those of you who come across my blog and have already downloaded my stolen patterns, I hope you realize they probably came with malware or spyware. Your computer and possibly your identity are now at risk. Was it really worth it?

I do have several free patterns out there on Red Heart and Yarnspirations. Please respect my rights and use those if you want free patterns.

For those of you who have purchased my patterns and book, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I really appreciate that you love and support the designers who work so hard to bring you the most innovative and creative designs we can.

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